~ Enjoying the season ~

23 October 2016

I freaking love autumn! Beautiful sunny days, long walks, wandering outside, watching the colorful leaves slowly fall down, as well as the lazy rainy evenings cosy spent with a nice cup of tea and watching another episode of my favorite series. Love the frosty mornings, even when my hands get sooo cold, because I still haven`t found a pair of gloves. Love the warm cosy outfits: big, soft sweaters, all the beautiful boots, coats and scarves, every single autumnal detail. 
Fall always makes me feel kind of special, not like the rest of the year. Maybe it`s because I was never a summer person, of course, I love the days spent by the sea, summer picnics and all the adventures that happens then, but nothing is better for me than the emotions that autumn fills my heart with. 

Autumn also brings that kind of calmness to me. It just feels like life slows down a bit (even though there`s so much stuff to do) and there is more time to simply relax and think through everything. It`s the time that I like to look back, to see how my life looks in the perspective of time, to overthink everything that happened lately, to see the things that changed and to think about the things I want to change. It`s also the time that brings some kind of inspiration, the will to start something new, do more of what makes me happy. 

Love autumn whatever it gives. Simply enjoying every moment. Enjoying the season. Enjoying life.


Outfit: The cosiest and comfiest sweater - H&M | Rings - Bershka

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