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2 January 2017

First of all.... Happy New Year!!! 
And omg.... literally can`t understand how 2016 passed sooo fast. And yes, I know, everyone now says that, but seriously time just flies faster than it should. 

I really hope you had an amazing year. At least I really had. Of course, there were some ups and downs but I always tried to focus on the positive.
This year was amazing in terms of working with myself, building positivity and at least a little bit of confidence (and it doesn`t mean that the job is finished...). This year gave me some amazing moments and emotions that I`ll probably never forget (or at least I hope so). This year there were some major changes in my life and till now I don`t really know where they will lead and if the decisions I`ve made were right, but I always believe that everything happens for a reason (and I hate how cheesy it sounds...).

Goals. Resolutions. All the little promises that we make to ourselves when the new year comes. Whispering them quietly or shouting out that everyone would know them. There`s a lot of change and promising going on. But for me setting goals is the main thing that keeps me going. And it doesn`t matter if it`s just little things like to start drinking more water or read more books or if it`s big things like to go on an adventure. Goals make us moving forward and it`s the main point.

But there`s a tricky part with new years resolution. When we make them we sometimes push ourselves so much to achieve them that we forget everything around, like the main purpose of that goal, the whole process of reaching for it and the only thing that you think about is the moment when you can tick it off in your list. And that`s NOT right! Make realistic goals. Goals that you can and WANT to reach for. Goals that mean a lot to you. And most important - don`t stress yourself, it`s okay that some things take time, there`s no were to rush when you`re achieving your goals.

Make this year amazing, make it a year to remember.


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