Lovely Sunday | Summer memories (Holiday by the sea)

19 September 2016

Everything changes. Our hobbies, our style, our thinking, our life in general. And that`s what make life what it`s like. In my life, there were definitely some changes recently, and the biggest things were that I started university, moved to another city and started living on my one. Of course, everything seems so new and so exciting, there is a lot of great things about it , but surely there`s a lot of bits that I miss. I miss my home, my family, I miss my friends sooo much, miss everything that seemed so usual, yet was so special to me. But it`s always great to have things to remember, things that make me happy, make me feel those amazing moments that I`ve had and make me a little bit sad that they`re gone, but willing to create new, even more, exciting ones.

This Sunday was great! Had a wonderful time with my best friend just sitting in a cafe for hours,  chatting and simply enjoying ourselves after it`s been a long time no see. And one of the best things - watching a video from our summer holiday. It took me quite long to put it all together, but it was absolutely worth that! All those memories... it was amazing to see every single moment of when we were sooo happy.

Talking about the trip, it was out little four - day holiday by the sea in Palanga. We went there by train and stayed in a little apartment near the center and the sea. Every day we started by going to the sea and just chilling there to about dinner time, and in the evenings we just wandered around, listening to some amazing street musicians, eating hot waffles and enjoying the beautiful night city. 
We had such an amazing time, made great memories, that we will never forget, and even though we might never feel this way again, this feeling will stay forever.  
Loved every minute of being there! Soooo looking forward to the next summer trip like this 

 ♡ Our trip video 

Outfit : Dress - Mango| Shoes - Deichmann Shoulder bag - Forever 18

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