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18 January 2017

This year I`ve made a looot of resolutions. Like really.... a lot. And you know what - I`m happy about this! Even though I really haven`t done anything properly from that list it kind of makes me inspired and for me, that`s the whole point.
So really starting off with maybe the simplest thing on my list - I started to go for a walk as much as I can. And I honestly love that. You wouldn`t believe how a simple thing like that can have such effect on you. First of all on your mind. Simply leaving your house, leaving everything that is bothering you and just taking 30 minutes to chill out. To put all your thoughts together or just detach and listen to your favourite playlist. Believe me, it works. 
I can`t really describe the feeling that I get while walking around because even if it`s freakin` cold and I can`t feel my toes and barely move my fingers cuz I tried to take some photos I really feel great. I don`t know... it makes me feel so refreshed, so calm and energised and inspired at the same time. I guess walks just work for me.



  1. Nuostabus įrašas, o nuotraukos... ❤️ Šaunuolė!



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