9 April 2017

Inhale. Let the cold breeze fill your lungs. Let it fill all your body. Every bit of it. And then - slowly exhale. And with that - release everything you`re holding inside. Everything that is holding you. Everything that restrains.

We all have those bits that make us smile, huh? Those things that make us feel the little tingle inside. And these little bits may seem like nothing among everything that`s going on around, but that doesn`t mean that they`re actually are. It`s all about how we see them.

One of these bits for me is the sea. I simply love it. I always did. It`s just something vv special to me. And I think that it`s like that cuz I never went to the sea a lot. When I was little the most that we did is we`d spend the most like a week by the sea in summer and that`s it. So maybe I never had enough of it.
I love the sound of the waves, love that it`s soo calming, so steady, but unpredictable at the same time. Love when you get lost int that sound and can`t hear anything around. Just the waves and your steady breathing. Love to feel the cold water overflowing my bare feet and that second they get warm from the sun when the water withdraws. I love to feel the warm sand, cover my feet. Love put my hands throw it feeling every little grain slipping through my fingers.
And even if it`s not summer and I`m able to come to the sea just to stand there for 15 mins (and even if you have to put up with the friggin enormous wind that makes your entire face numb and you feel frozen as hell) it`s always something special to me. It`s just like the breeze that I breathe in fills me with that peace. It helps to relax. It inspires.

And this time wasn`t an exception. The sea gave me a lot of calmness, fulfilment I could say. And I`m incredibly grateful for that. For the inspiration, I felt walking back to the steady ground.

If you really want to find some inspiration, some joy, first of all - you just simply need to look around and take what you`re given every day. We can always find that little spark, that bit that makes all the difference. We just need to be ready to accept it. You see what you choose to see, and you can make yourself feel a certain way. Yes, there`s a lot about autosuggestion in this, but if it works - why not? Living these moments with the little thought in your head that they`re really special... isn`t that easy and amazing at the same time? These moments may not be the most memorable ones, maybe not the grand ones, but if they make you smile that day - it`s definitely worth it. We need to learn to lett simple moments make the difference, to take all the joy that we`re given and make the best out of it.
That`s why I love the sea. That`s why I love to make the most of the moment.



  1. Your entire post is very calming; the pictures coupled with your writing full of feeling! I read this listening to a calm piano song and I suddenly feel very serene.

    I think going to the beach in winter and sitting there enjoying the sounds and the calm, and even the cold, is a feeling quite unlike any other. I think it's more special that way!

    - Maia ❤

    1. Aaaah... you`re so sweet! Thank you a lot, words like this mean the world to me ❤
      Yea, it`s definitely nothing like that in the summer. So unusual and oh so special...! -XX

  2. Such a beautiful post! I love the sea so much, I'm lucky that I live by it and so can see it all the time, but honestly I can never get enough of it. It really does seem to take all your worries away, it's so relaxing. Also these pictures are gorgeous and really made me smile!

    1. Ooooh, I`m so jealous for those who can see the sea all the time... It`s like a dream of mine to be able to have walks at the beach every day, to watch those stunning sunsets.
      Thank you for those sweet words, that really makes me happy ❤

  3. Reading your post was so calming. Your sea is my mountain. I grew up around the beach first in Florida and then Panama so I totally get the beach but for me its mountains and being around trees. That is calming. This was very inspiring. I get the way how it takes all your worries away. It is so relaxing.

    1. It makes me so happy, that people can feel what I`ve experienced! And I totally feel you too. Mountains always seemed so majestic to me, mainly because I`ve seen them a couple times in my life only, so I really want to explore them more!

  4. Such a beautiful post, both in words and photos! It is really a breath of fresh air.


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