Cranberry and Lime Mocktails

7 January 2017

Can you believe it`s over....? Christmas, New Year.... I haven`t even had the time to properly get into the festive season. But it`s okay. Actually, I have started dreaming about summer, about the sunny days, trips and adventures that await (even though I`m definitely not a summer person).

But still sticking with a little bit of a festive mood and a wintery vibe I`ve got these super easy and my beloved mocktails that are definitely more Christmasy, but you know.... why not to make them all year round. 

You can also transform them to regular alcoholic cocktails just by adding a shot of vodka or any other alco you like.

To make two glasses you will need:
  • Some ice
  • About 300 ml of ginger ale
  • A lime
  • And about 100 ml of cranberry juice (I made it by myself, see note below)*
  • Some rosemary to garnish
I think that a nice touch to these mocktails is that sugar coated glass edge. So you just want to rub the rim of the glass with a lime and then dip them in sugar. Then add plenty of ice into the glass, pour some cranberry juice and squeeze some fresh lime juice. Add some slices of lime as well. Pour the ginger ale, put in a straw and garnish with rosemary. And it`s done!

*If you want to make your own cranberry juice you just want to take 100 grams of fresh or frozen cranberries, place them in a saucepan with a tablespoon of sugar and a little dash of water and simmer for about five minutes. Then just mash them and strain through a sieve to leave with nice, smooth juice and that`s it!


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