2 April 2017

It` that time of the month again! Woooho! Can you believe March is over already...? Cuz, to be honest, I can`t. So it`s just about time to chat about all the bits and bobs I`ve been lovin` this month.

And, actually, my faves will be a bit different, I think. Cuz despite typical favourites products I`ve been loving some really random bits too and I thought to myself: why can`t I share them with you..? Of course, I can!

///   Beauty   ///

Oh My F...ing god. Like I even don`t know how to say that.... I freakin` love this thing. It`s like.. incredible. Seriously. I always struggle to find a good shampoo that I would be fully satisfied with (not only shampoo - hair products in general) but these really made the difference. Lately, my hair has been a real mess and nothing worked at all. And trying out these products was such a joy for me - after washing my hair they were so soo soft and silky and shiny. Can`t even describe. Of course, it`s not some kind of a serious treatment and the effect isn`t super long lasting, but using it consistently my hair looks and feels vv nice every single day.

Gabriella Salvete, Panoramico Volume Mascara
I`m kinda fussy when it comes to mascaras. I want them to make my lashes full and thick but not too heavy at the same time. I`m also quite picky when it comes to mascara brushes and, actually, this one isn`t the shape I like the most, but that really doesn`t matter cuz the product itself is vv good. The mascara makes the lashes look longer, thicker, but quite lite at the same time, know what I mean? I`ve also bought the other one from the same range (the one that gives the false lash effect; in the green packaging) and even though the brush is in the perfect shape that I like, the mascara is too thick and lumpy for me. And this one is just perfect. A nice, simple mascara for an everyday look.

The Body Shop body butter is that kind of product that I come back to all the time, even after trying out different ones. There`s just something about them that I feel no other body butter (or even cream) has. They soak up quite quick, but they moisturise the skin so so well. And the smell of all of them... it`s no need to say anymore, I think. So, now when my skin tends to get a bit dryer this has been an absolute life saver for me.

///   Music   ///

Bastille - Wild World album
Ohh gosh.... how should I say that now... Uuurm... I`M IN LOVE. Like ooooh my god. Seriously. We have something really serious going on here cuz I can`t stop listening to this album. Me and my BFF went to Bastille concert at the beginning of March and ever since I`ve been playing every single song over and over again. Wherever I go. Whatever I do. Love it so soooo much!

New tracks
Also, the last few weeks or so I`ve been listening to these tracks: "Be Mine" and "So fine" by Hazee Oscar cuz they are INSANE. My cousin showed me them and what`s, even more, cray is that they`re made by his friends. Not by professional musicians and they`re pretty damn good. 

///   Food   ///

Apples + PB
Now, this is totally random buuut... I genuinely really like this, and I think there`s two types of people about it. Ones may say like "it`s not a new thing, you`re late with this" and the others may be like "eeew... I don`t think they actually go together". And I def was that second type of person. But now, when I was trying to make my eating a bit more healthy apples with homemade peanut butter served so sooo well when I was craving a sweet snack (not saying that it`s as pleasing as a chocolate bar but it definitely helps me to manage those hankerings)

///   Random   ///

I don`t think that I have like a fave flower (anymore), but ATM daffodils are my absolute love. They`re just like a proper sign of spring to me and the smell.... ahhh, nothing can make your home feel fresher and more ready for the sunshine. Adore..!


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