25 March 2017

I don't really travel much. Or maybe I should say I don't travel at all. But I really love to (and I`m sure you're thinking like, how can you say that - you don't know what it's like to travel..! And yes I agree but I just loooove to find new places no matter how far they are) 
And now while waiting for my flight I was trying to remember the last time I was on a plane and it was at least 10 years ago. Yeah.... hard to say. 10 years seems like a lot. Really a lot. 
Soooo..... eventually, my happy day has come and we (myself, my mom and my cousin) got on a little trip to Denmark to visit our relatives.

We had a flight to Billund airport and then got to Aalborg where they live. Quite a long journey I should say. 

Day   #1 
We spent the first day wandering in Aalborg. Aaaah I love those little streets. I love just to stroll around, see the little bits and pieces. Even though we probably missed some famous points, hours spent walking in those sunny (but oooh so windy) streets were much more to me than a proper guide tour would be. So we`ve found loads of beautiful corners of the town, cute little shops, and just had a lovely day. Everybody in Aalborg seemed so calm and chill. It felt like life there is very very simple (or at least it seemed like this to me, like for a tourist)

Ooh oh...! And we stopped for a coffee in Starbucks!! (crazy, but it was kinda a dream of mine. Lol.) And believe me, it was absolutely worth it! I went for a chai latte and it was possibly the best one I`ve ever tried. And my cousins white chocolate mocha..... OMFG...! Literally speechless.

Day   #2 
The next day we went by the sea. We drove to Blokhus where the North sea is. And here`s another thing that I adore. I can still hear the waves, the seagulls, I can feel the freezing wind and the sand that was blown into my face and despite that and the fact that we were literally frozen after 10 minutes there it was amazing. I feel like the beach is the place where I can't feel bad. It's def something special to me.

Day   #3
Another trip that we planned was to Aarhus and I can't even tell how much I loved it....! Literally amazing! Soo... there will be a separate post, where I`ll tell you all about it!

Sooo, to kinda sum up all my rambling - the trip was great. Yes, a lot of things went not like I expected, and not like we planned, a lot of things weren't perfect but I loved it anyways. 
We all need time to relax, to chill, to detach from our everyday life. Just get lost and find something. Something that is much more valuable. Something for our soul. 


  1. I love these photos, gorgeous!


  2. Short and sweet post! You have found the off the beaten track, where life is simple. I'd be interested to see more of your blog!

    1. Ahhh, thank you! Words like that mean the world to me ❤️

  3. I love visiting Denmark (luckily it's just a 3 hour ride from where I live) <3

    1. That`s sooo cool! For me it`s a 2 hour flight, hahaa.


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