29 March 2017

Have you ever had that feeling when you come to a place and it just suddenly gets very very special to you...? (If not, that's okay, cuz I never had it before too). But everything changed when I arrived in Aarhus while we were on our little trip to Denmark.
I can't really describe that feeling, but literally after a few minutes there I was stunned. Something just clicked and I felt like I was in my place. A place where I truly belong. Aarhus was so calm, so homelike, so chill but so sooo alive at the same time. I felt alive there.

Little cobbled streets, brick houses in a mixture with some new stunning architecture. We came there at the perfect time of the day when the sun flooded every corner of the city with warmth and peacefulness and the chilly, yet so beautiful evening felt just like it`s already summer. Crowds of placid people passing by, loads of young, happy faces (cuz it's also called a students town). You could definitely feel a lot going on when at the same time all was so so calm and easy. Everything seemed simple there.
I don`t really know why, but in Aarhus, I felt like home. Actually even not like home, cuz I never felt that way in any other place. I just felt right, felt some kind of connection with that place. Some kind of calmness filled me and all I did was I sang my favourite songs out loud and, at the same time, ran around like an overwhelmed child, trying to cross every single street I possibly could. Aiming to see as much as I could and stack my mind with as many little bits and memories.

In the evening when it got dark the town seemed even more stunning. All the lights reflecting in the water under the little bridge, the incredible live music coming from a distant corner of the street.. aah so amazing... the sounds filled the streets and my heart (damn so sad that you can't really find those street artists).

So hard to explain how you can fall in love with a city but I really feel I did. And I guess I`m a bit too sentimental, but I love to keep memories, I love to collect moments and the feelings they gave me. And probably a year from now they`ll be different, but I appreciate this moment so much. It was an amazing opportunity to find a place like that. And I hope soo so desperately to come back there, cuz it was honestly incredible.
Finding a place where my soul felt like home.
- XX

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  1. You're an amazing photographer & just reading this post made me wanna visit Aarhus! Every streets look so calm & perfect to walk around.

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Aaah...! Thank you for such sweet words ❤️ This means the world to me!


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