Bits and Pieces // Breakfast snappin`

1 February 2017

It`s not always easy to stop, capture and enjoy those simple bits of life. There`s something about us that we just refuse to do that. We choose to think about the "more important" things, rather than those small ones that can make our day just a tiny bit more positive. But giving yourself these few moments to appreciate those little bits can make a huge difference. And that`s actually a note to self.

Most of the time I rush, I let my mind run a thousand miles per hour and loads of beautiful moments just slip through it. And I guess maybe that`s why I take photos. Because then I just stop. Take the time to think about it. About the things I`m snappin`, about the whole situation.

It`s just something about taking photos that makes me feel so calm, but at the same time so excited. I love arranging all the bits and bobs and then doing it all over again for hundread times until I find THAT perfect shot. It`s just amazing. Like my kind of meditation.

Take time to think. 
Take time to be with yourself, with your thoughts. 
Take time to appreciate. 
Take time to feel happy.
// Even if it`s the time that it takes to get a photo of your breakfast.

P.S. if you`re looking for the pancake recipe - here it is!



  1. Labas!

    Visų pirma, tai, tikiuosi, kad nieko baisaus, jog komentuoju lietuviškai ir tai tavo tinklaraščiui nesudarys kokių keblumų. :D

    O visų antra, tai negaliu patikėti, kad tik dabar atradau šitą gėrį. Taip jauku pas tave! Labai patinka man tokie minimalistiniai dizainai, nuotraukos bei patys įrašai.


    1. Awww ❤️ jetus kaip tau ačiū! Man taaaip nerealu tokius žodžius girdėt. Absolutely made my day!
      P.S. (visi komentarai labai labai laukiami, tiek angliški, tiek lietuviški)


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