// Midnight thoughts //

5 February 2017

Do you ever have that feeling, when while waking up from a dream you experience those rare outstanding thoughts....? You clearly understand the meaning of a dream you`ve just had, or, maybe, there`s just a great thought in your head, an answer to a question you've been concerned for a long time. But the moment you fully wake up it`s gone. Everything is gone. And it`s sooo so annoying cause you`re left with that devastating feeling that you almost had it. So close to take, but too far to keep.

I believe that those thoughts are the most important ones. The most significant ones. The ones that help us grow, to go through those times when all we need is an answer. And even if we don`t remember the answer it`s already recorded in our mind and that`s how it will eventually help us to find the way.

But what`s about those dark nights and early mornings..? Why these thoughts come at such unfavourable moments...? Why things like this happen at the time when it seems that our brain and mind isn`t functioning. Thinking about that, it seems like mine is less active now than at those times in the middle of the night...

But what I know is that we can at least partly recreate that state of mind and appeal those thoughts. Everyone has an own method for that but for me, it`s when I kind of disappear in the woods with snow crunching under my feet because this sound is far more precious than those freezing toes. It`s when I`m lying in bed whit my favourite song playing the tenth time in a row even though that may end up ruining it for me. It`s when taking the first sip of a new tea. When I just give myself that minute of peace and time to be on my own.

Not remembering those midnight thoughts isn`t so bad. I believe that if we would actually need to remember them, we would. Sometimes our overthinking mind might make more harm for those pure reflections than forgetting them may do. Again - everything happens for a reason.


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