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26 January 2017

We`ve just gone through the festive season so you all know what it means... a lot of new stuff to try and loads of new things to love. And here I just want to quickly talk about a few things that I was really obsessed not only last month, I was loving some things since the beginning of December and some of these things were my Christmas gifts so they are technically last months faves.

So the first and most beloved thing is the "Love Style Life" book by Garance Dore. And yes, yes - I know... Everyone has already talked about it sooo long ago, but... I wanted this book since I first saw those gorgeous Instagram pics of it. And I must admit - the cover was the thing I was sold for. But somewhy I never really thought about buying it for myself, so... I was incredibly happy to see it under the Christmas tree. And believe me, it is the most amazing book I have owned and not only for its incredibly beautiful design. I enjoyed every single page and finished it in a few days only (what makes me so soo sad because I always tried to stop myself and just like save it for later cuz I never wanted to finish it. And to be honest, at this moment I have the last little chapter left and I'm saving it for a bit, you know what I mean, if the book is worth saving a chapter for later it`s really good, huuh?) 

Another more random thing and we`ll jump into beauty. So since perhaps the middle of December, when it become more and more Christmasy I fell in love with the chai latte. And here`s another thing that I was kind of late to discover... I never tried it before, but when I did... OMG..! This was life changing (hahaa). I tried this particular drink at a coffee shop and the next day I was looking where to get it. And I`ve found it! This peppermint one is sooo good. It`s sweet, it has that amazing scent and with a nice milk foam... what else would you need..? Love love love!

I also received this one as a gift and really been loving it recently. It`s the "OGX" nourishing coconut milk conditioner. It really helps to make my dry hair feel soft and silky and works perfectly like an everyday product and I really enjoy using it. And what I really like about it is that the effect that it gives lasts at least a bit longer than other conditioners usually give me, o it`s nice to find something that actually really works.

And the last bit is The Body Shop hand cream in the moringa scent. During the cold season, my hands tend to get really dry and so a hand cream is very necessary for me. I really like the quite light texture but also the great moisturising that it gives. It absorbs really quickly and leaves your hands silky and of course, it smells ooh so good. I always pop that in my bag as far as it`s the perfect bag size.



  1. Oh, that peppermint chai latte is definitely one of the best things. Ever. I freaking love it! I'm also obsessed with the spicy one, it's in the pink can.
    Also, I've used that conditioner too, it's super good! I've also had their coconut oil hair serum and oh gosh, it's beautiful. The smell is amazing and the product actually works.
    Great post!!!

    1. Yaaaas! It`s so damn good! Uuu, I`m now definitely going to try that spicy chai!
      And I`ve also seen that serum and thought about trying it but just couldn`t decide. So thanks a lot - I`m now really excited to get my hands on it!
      Thank you! ❤️


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