30 September 2017

I`m a huge fan of fall, of all things cosy and comforting. I`m literally buzzin for those chilly mornings when you can put on a huge warm sweater, I`m obsessed with the sunny days and the crispy leafs under your feet, I`m loving little walks (even tho I managed to pull myself out only a few times), taking pics and drinking a huge cup of tea afterwards cuz it`s cold enough that you really want to warm up your hands holding that mug. And lighting that candle that you`ve been saving all summer just because now is a perfect time!
I slow down by my neighbours on my way home every day, just because they have the most adorable pumpkins laid out at the door and I hope they don`t mind a peek. And I stop at the local market a few times a week to pick up some delicious raspberries. Oh, and I make pumpkin spice lattes, ya know cuz why drink regular coffee if you can sip the autumn from a mug and make those early mornings a bit cosier.

And as I`m writing this it`s getting so obvious that the season brings such a huge and almost desperate need of warmth and comfort. All the basic things everyone`s talking about, right. But what if that really makes me happy? What if a new autumnal mug with cinnamony coffee in it honestly brings me joy? What if I`m really feeling super positive when the sun is shining and finding a chestnut for me is a sign of a good day? And what if autumn really doesn`t only bring joy and happiness and all that sunshiny stuff, what if it comes with a bit of overthinking, with some change and numbness for your own feels...
I get excited really easily, with all those little things I`ve listed, I also get excited with new plants I buy and about seeing my friend even if it`s just for a 15-minute drive. And I like being like that,  I like the little buzz I create for myself, cuz when I`m lying in my bed and thinking of a lot of things that may have bothered me that day and actually feeling more or less anything I still recall one of these bits that made that little fella inside do a happy dance today.
That`s why I love autumn - because it`s easy to find reasons to be happy about.


  1. Your post touched my heart. I'm really looking forward to most of the things you talked about (except that sipping tea part because I hate tea...) but sadly over here in Lisbon instead we are having summer weather. I'm drinking pumpkin spice lattes with 30 degrees outside just trying to summon autumn to come. Sigh.

    This post also made me want to spend an autumn day with you, and see those pumpkins together because you just seem so passionate! I want in on it.

    I hope you have an amazing autumn season, Laura.

    - Maia (Amazing Maia)

    1. Awww,Maia...! You`re comments are always the most sweet and beautiful ones, thank you! And be patient, fall will come to you too.
      And omg spending a perfect autumn day with you would be perfect! Hope one day we`ll do that.
      Love, xx


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