19 April 2017

As I`ve said probably a hundred times love trying out new products and I just can`t stick to a single one for a long time. And even though I recently fond some hair products that I really enjoy (you can find them here) I can never resist trying something new. And when I got my hands on these KITOKO products: Nutri Restore Cleanser and Balm I just couldn`t wait to test them out.

As it`s said on the packaging these products are safe for dyed hair, rich in natural ingredients that contain hibiscus, green tea, fire tulip, karite, vitamins A & E, & smectic clay that work to strengthen and nourish the hair. They use Electron Acceptor Technology, that repairs damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

And the ingredients these products consist of is what I like the most - there`s a lot of natural and beneficial ingredients and much less unwanted chemicals that are in most hair products. They are sulphate, paraben and paraffin free, which means you don`t get the effect of a beautiful hair - there`s actually some natural ingredients that provide the promised nourishment.

The smell (what is actually most of the main things in a product for me, lol) is quite neutral, I should say, but very nice at the same time. And talking about the consistency it`s kinda odd because it`s that kind of products that don`t really foam and yes, I know that that`s a good thing, because it means they don`t contain chemicals causing that but it`s always weird for me that a shampoo doesn`t foam up and it seems that I`ve not enough of it. But no complaints, that`s definitely a plus of these products.

My personal opinion about these products - .... uurm, I`m kinda undecided yet. My hair is very very dry and weak (mostly, of course, because I straighten it every day and also because I dye them) so they need some really good hydration and nourishment and I couldn`t say these products gave me that. But what they did, is they made my hair super soft and light, which is soo good, because a lot of products that I try make them heavy and sometimes even greasy lookin so using these ones along with some hair oil had a decent effect.

Another thing that I noticed is that the shampoo really makes your hair feel fresh and clean, so I forsooth enjoyed using it at those days when I was styling my hair more (cuz I started curling my hair more often, hence I use much more styling products then) and it really helps to wash out everything that makes my hair feel heavy.

So, on the whole, I enjoyed using these products and I`ll definitely use them still and they`ll be my go-to ones when I`m going for that light and weightless look or at those days when there`s a lot of products in my hair, but still, I expected a much more hydrating effect.



  1. If all else fails, at least that packaging is really cute! Can I ask where you got them? I've never seen them on sale and I'm looking for new products to try on my hair (it's become very dry from dyeing and bleaching it so I want to treat it kindly).

    Your pictures are the cutest, too!

    -Maia ❤

    1. Yuuup, the packaging is really nice! I got them from a local seller here where I live ( but you can find them on Amazon too, here`s the link >>

      As always, thank you for your sweet words, darling! ❤


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