12 April 2017

Okay, I must admit I`m kinda a homeware addict. I love all the little bits and bobs that make our home beautiful and special. Love those decor pieces more than anything and believe me, if I get the chance of homeware shopping I can go pretty much outa control. The only thing that was holding me was the plane baggage limit, but I still somehow managed to buy (and successfully bring home) a massive and pretty heavy vase (yea, that`s what kind of obsession I`m talking about).

So the first and the most exciting thing for me (or maybe not... hmmm, they`re all so lovely and I`m excited bout all of them. lol.) is this amazing candle. To make it clear - I LOVE CANDLES. Like seriously, it`s a major obsession and I`m not complaining about that. Whenever I go to a shop and spot some candles I just have to smell every single one. It`s a must. So it would be a shame not to bring an amazing scented and so aesthetically pleasing one from a trip. It`s by a brand called Meraki and the scent I went to is white tea + ginger and oooh my gosh... it`s so light, fresh and clean, kinda bright (if you can describe a scent like that) - absolutely perfect for spring!

The next thing is one I literally love. Like this is my fave thing I yet will have in my room. This little head (I call it a Buddha head, don`t ask... it`s just cuz the top of it is so soo smooth like one of those Buddha's bellies you have to rub for luck or a wish) is sooo damn cute. At every side, it has a different emotion and I love every single expression because life is all about it, we can`t be happy, or especially sad all the time, yea?

So here`s the big one - the vase. What can I say... I just couldn`t leave this gorgeous there. It`s so cool and it`ll match my new room perfectly (spoilers // perhaps a room tour will be coming up). And to go with it I bought a few of these fake monstera leaves, cuz you can never go wrong with a few bits of green that you won`t kill.

And the few last, but, of course, not least bits are from one of my fave places from the whole trip - Starbucks. Yea, I`ve talked about this in my trip post, but Starbucks was always something special to me and bringing home something from there is so amazing.
So I`ve bought two mugs (yea, cuz one is not enough... lol)

The first one is this stunning ceramic one. It`s so minimal and simple, but that`s why I love it  (you may have noticed that everything is quite simple, cuz that`s what I`m like when it comes to homeware). And also - it's the perfect size for a morning latte. Think that`s one of the reasons why I started drinking coffee.

And the other one is an amazing travel mug. And yes - I friggin love it. When I saw it for the first time I just couldn`t help myself. And although I must admit that it`s not the most practical and well-made one I love it and that`s the most important thing. Makes me so happy when I can walk to uni at the morning sipping some great coffee out of a fab Starbucks mug.

Ahhh... love home bits so much.


  1. Gosh, all of them are so beautiful! I'm also a candle enthusiast (there's nothing quite like lighting a candle in my when I come home from work and reading a good book).

    Lovely post! "(...)
    Your "Buddha head" is my favorite, though! The symbolism of it is beautiful, I wish I had one myself.

    - Maia ❤

    1. Thank you for such sweet words, dear! ❤
      Yea, there`s nothing like creating that amazing cosiness by lighting a candle! Love that little fella (the Buddha head, lol) so much! So happy you liked it too.

  2. Noriu tos žvakės! Lauktuvėms? :))

    1. Būtinai turėsiu omeny, jei dar kartą ten grįšiu, hahaa.

  3. Love these! I think that I'm a homeware addict too. My husband is always asking, "Where did this candle appear from? Is this a new tray? What is this new thing?" I try to pretend they magically appear.

  4. Hahaaa! I feel you so well! I just have to buy new stuff for the home, there's just too many lovely things out there and I can't do anything about it, lol.


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