7 May 2017

We live in a world of possibilities. A society of unrestrained minds. We`re absolutely free, but is that really just like it seems...? We have so many options, so many ways to go, but still, we`re restricted with certain pathways that we must follow. That most people follow. We`re not allowed to do certain things just because others consider them too unusual,  they aren`t approved by the majority and some just don't seem like the best option for others.... loads and loads of excuses. Like everyone says how free you can feel, how easy and fun life could be, but at the same time, we`re been so limited and close-minded.
This happens in a lot of parts of our life and a great example of that is personal style. Like it`s said that we are free to choose from so many things to wear, but we get so much regulation even when deciding on this oh so personal piece of our life. You can hear things like: `it`s not for you; you need to be taller or slimmer for that or have a bigger butt or long legs and etc." and why the heck we care about those things?! That`s the question that I`ve been thinking about a lot for a long time now.
Now..., I never really had my own kind of style, like, yeah - we all have the bit`s that we can call personal look, but it was never `ME`, it was never something special. I always picked clothes that aren`t too interesting, always something simple, something safe and not necessarily what I`d really love. And you know what - fuck that...! I want to wear what I  WANT TO. If I want to wear the most unflattering baggy sweater I will definitely wear it. If I like these amazing mum jeans, no matter if one could think that I`m not the best type for them - screw that, let`s try. If I never had a big hat or a pair of peg trousers maybe it`s about time to go and get them. Like who cares!? I honestly think that we should be braver (and by that, I`m not saying to dye your hair in pink (unless you want to - then go for it) or start wearing the most un-you style clothes ever), just be more chilled about what others may think (and that`s a note to self in the first place) and opt for the things that you honestly love and feel good in, not the ones others may assume the best for you. And don`t get me wrong, I`m not saying that it`s okay to wear something that doesn`t make you look nice at all just for the sake of proving that you want and you can, you really need to feel what`s good for you, but what I`m saying is that it`s only up to us to decide and everything is worth trying if you really want that.

So the thing that I was always afraid of was relaxed fit, not so skinny jeans. I always thought that they`re just definitely not for me, that none of them would suit me and what do you think.... - they`re the fave clothing bit in my closet now. To be honest, I spent like months (I`m not kidding, months) looking for one`s that I`d really like, but as I`ve said - nothing is impossible. Now I have a few pairs of them (one of them you have already seen in this >> POST) and they`re the outfit piece that I reach probably the most this spring.

So these babes are from ZARA and I flippin` adore them! They`re sooooo so comfy, so easy to wear and in general, I feel so cool in them and I think it`s a quite enough of a justification.

The shirt is an old one and I really don`t remember where it`s from, I think it might be Bershka.

The sneakers are my simple and just everyday "Converse" style one`s (obviously not the originals).

And the backpack (also a really massive recent obsession of mine) is, again, from ZARA.

Oh and I almost forgot the sunnies! I`m obsessed with them sooo much atm!!!! Aaaah just wanted a pair like this for ages! I got them in MANGO and I`m so happy!

Don`t be afraid at least to try some new thigs in your style and always seek for those bits that give you confidence and makes you feel good in them!



  1. I think you are entirely right. A piece of clothing is just an extension of you. Therefore you only need to love it for it to be just the right thing for you!

    And your outfit looks so cute and comfy! I've been meaning to try one some jeans like that. They look like they are super comfortable. I'll get on that some time soon.

    Really really loved reading this post!

    - Maia ❤

    1. Aaaah, you`re always so lovely, Maia <3 Thank you a lot! And the outfit indeed is sooo comfy and just not binding as some other ones might be. I really hope you`ll find that perfect pair of those jeans!
      Thanks for these sweet words! -XX


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