14 March 2017

Aaaaaa! It finally begins to feel like spring over here and I couldn`t be happier about that. Had enough of rain, of those gloomy days... time for some sunshine! Time for new beautiful outfits, for fresh looks. And even though I`ve fallen in love with all the deep, dark grey colours throughout the winter it`s time to say goodbye and let those dusky pinks and nudes in. 

So the first thing that I was sooo so excited for this spring is this coat from ZARA. I bought it on the winter sales and been thinking about it ever since. And I really love it! It`s simple, comfy, baggy but has that chic vibe that can be that type of casual chic... hope you`ll get my point.

Another fave and my must have this spring are these ripped jeans from BERSHKA (even though jeans like these are an absolute new edit to my wardrobe. I know, I know, I`m always late, but it`s better than never, yeah?) And of course, if something has cactuses on it I`ll definitely fall for that. lol

Another staple spring piece, of course, is anything dusky pink. And I just adore this sweater from H&M. It`s kinda warm one, cuz it`s a wool blend, but it`s perfect for our sunny, yet quite chilly spring days. And what could look better than it paired with a nice white shirt under it? Sooo simple, but so cute.

And the last but definitely not least - the shoes. It`s that case when you literally fall in love with a thing from the first sight. I honestly adore these VAGABOND sneakers so sooo much. They look incredible and they're probably the comfiest shoes I`ve ever had. Can`t even tell how much I love them

~ Details ~

Let the spring into your heart! x

P.S. this was supposed to be a super quick outfit post. Well done, Laura, you definitely haven`t rambled too much.

 Outfit: Coat - ZARA | Sweater - H&M | Jeans - Bershka | Scarf - ZARA | Sneakers - Vagabond (Danija) | Shoulderbag  - H&M



  1. love the photos! the outfit is also lovely and I can feel the spring vibes <3

  2. What a great outfit the jeans are so great with these patches :)

  3. Those jeans are so cool, love the details on them so edgy.

    1. Thank you!! It`s always those little bits that make a piece special!

  4. Love the camel coat and embroidered jeans.



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