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1 September 2016

Am I the only one who makes sooo many plans for the summer and realise that when it`s almost over...? Probably not. (Hope so... )

One of these things that I wanted to do this summer was to spend a Friday in the Open kitchen Vilnius. Simple, yet pleasing. And gues when I managed to go there...  on the last Friday of summer, because it`s never too late, right?
The live music, the smell of delicious food, lots of chilled people – the atmosphere was really great.

Talking about what I`ve eaten: maybe a bit oddly, but we started with dessert and it was ice cream from „Sweet Morello“ and that was the thing I was the most excited about, of course because I`m an absolute ice creram addict and because I`ve heard about „Sweet morello“ a long time ago and realy wanted to have a taste. And belieeeve me.... it was one of the best ice cerams I`ve ever tasted! I`ve gone for the mint-lime taste so it was very light, refreshing but had that perfect  creamy consistency.

After a bit chilling, I`ve decided to take something more to eat. I really wanted some fries and with them, I decided to take some fish. So I bought some fries at a place called “Jasinskio grill” an ooomgg! I know, no one starts raving about some fries but honestly, I`ve never ever tried better fries than these. Sooo natural, soo good flavor because of the perfect spice mixture. Seriously loved them! Talking about the fried fish from “Žuvytės ir bulvytės”  there isn`t so much to tell, the fish was good, but nothing special. Quite plain and a bit too oily.
After this little dinner – picnic we decided to walk around  for a little bit and even went to the Gediminas` tower where the night city view is just amazing. Everyday beauty!
Loved this evening so much!
Outfit : Skirt and Cardigan - Reserved | Blouse - New Yorker | Shoes - Converse 

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