28 December 2017

I am the one who makes goals, who writes bucket lists, who just has to make resolutions. I want to have that list and be able to tick off those bits in it. It`s just the thing that keeps me going.
So I think it means I always want a result. From everything. I want to see what I’ve achieved and what just happened on it’s one. And the fact that this year is over really made me think of how many of those little things I’ve ticked in the list so far and honestly, just briefly running through this year in my mind I wanna say that nothing had happened, but something in me shouts that it’s not true. And even if it feels like nothing, I’ve definitely had some great things this year, I’ve gained some amazing experiences and there were definitely times that let me down (even tho I really don’t have a picture of the last ones in my mind). So I think what I want to say is that sometimes we just need to sit down and think of all that`s happened and it really helps to see all the amazing bits that get lost in our memory.
I think this year was full of little decisions that actually have a big meaning, of big things that happened quite unexpectedly but as always - things happen for a reason and I think nobody can actually change this belief of mine.
I definitely have a way to describe this year, I will remember it with the emotion of ‘living’ cuz there were definitely a handful of moments that made me feel so good, so alive. Moments that fills your chest with calmness and excitement at the same time, times when you feel like taking a deep breath and feel so fulfilled and alive. I hope all of you have this feeling once in a while. There were so many things that a year ago I would just give away and say I don’t want and now these moments actually made me the happiest little person if even for just that one second.
I still have a lot of things to do, things I want to change and achieve, things to work towards to but I truly believe the making one step at a time works and sometimes, just releasing and seeing where the flow will bring you may be a good way to go when you actually have no idea what’s happening.

Not everything had gone to plan, but we made the best of what we had you know."

So here`s just a little round-up of all the little things that happened this year, some things might look small but for me, all of them matter and deserves to be remembered and saved for a lifetime.

Of course, one of the biggest events was seeing Bastille live! I was never a huge fan, I just knew the popular songs and I l really liked them. Standing there, by the door waiting for the concert, seeing all those girls screaming and buzzin to get in I was saying to my friend: "I wish I had a band I was so obsessed about, I wish I loved something as much as they do" And if I could ever get a chance to go to their concert again - I would be the first in the line, buzzin and screaming of joy. Honestly, this was the moment when I felt soo SO alive, so full of joy and everything around just seemed perfect and almost unreal.

A trip to Denmark. I really want to travel. A lot. And this was that first little trip for me and that meant so much. I even found a city I absolutely fell in love with!  Made a bunch of amazing memories.

I made new friends, I met a lot of lovely people even if some of them is all over across the world! I never thought you can find such connection with a person really far away, but apparently, it can turn into a true and so amazing friendship - thank you for that Maia 

I changed my studies, which pretty much means I changed my life a lot. I moved back home from a different city, I started a new path and we`ll see where it will lead to. 

I went to baking classes! This was one of those new years goals and I`m sooo happy I did that! 

I decorated my first wedding dessert table! This was such an amazing experience, something I absolutely couldn`t see me doing already. And I`m beyond grateful for that!

Had a few different jobs and I`m grateful for them all, cuz I definitely gained a lot of experience and just tried myself in different situations.

Got my room decorated and that also was like a little project of mine because interiors were and always will be that tiny obsession that I keep to myself so I had so much fun decorating it.

Celebrated Halloween and carved pumpkins for the first time in my life. Mainly because we just need more occasions to have fun, something to get creative with and do something to feel excited.

Went out to a bar for the first time. And yes, that`s a big thing to me cuz I always said I wouldn`t enjoy it but now I know I was totally wrong - you can find joy in the most unexpected places...!

And I`m sure there are plenty more moments that brought me joy and excitement and just made me purely happy and I will for sure keep them in my heart.

And yes, I’ll make goals this year. I’ll make big ones and little ones of course. I want to make them special and the kind of goals I’d be excited to achieve. I can`t wait for the new year to start, I can`t wait for new adventures and challenges that are waiting. Let`s make another year count, a year to remember and loads of memories to keep!


  1. Sounds like it was quite a year for you, Laura. I can't get enough of your bakes and how mouth-watering they look. Makes my whole Facebook feed a bit more enjoyable, haha. Also, I hope that 2018 will bring you lots of joy, love and inspiring moments. Cheers to another year! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Huge thanks, Leta. That means the world to me!!!
      Hope you`ll also have an amazing year! xx

  2. The fact that I am one of the items on your list of good things feels a bit unreal! But really it's amazing, we have become really good friends and I hope we get to share many more years with each other!

    I am thankful that you had so many good things in your year, whether they were BIG and LIFECHANGING or not! And also that you have it in you to be grateful for the little things.

    Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I hope you have an amazing 2018 - where you get to meet your goals and laugh and smile and have a real good cry occasionally too.

    I'm thankful that I met you in 2017, too. If I made a list, you'd be there, for sure.

    Best wishes,

    - Maia xx

    1. Maia!!! Your comment is the sweetest thing ever! I`m beyond grateful we met and this made 2017 really special.
      Of course, I wish you`ll have an amazing year and I`m glad you can (and I hope you will) share your story with me.
      Sending a huge hug, xx


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