16 July 2017

Right now, laying in my bed I close my eyes. I wait a moment to calm down, to detach from everything around, I wait for the noises outside to hush, I wait till I feel settle... And I can see it, the bright blue sky and all the clouds passing by. I can feel the heat and the warm breeze. I still hear the song that was playing perfectly loud in the car and is now stuck in my head. I`m still laying on the soft grass, I can really feel it. I`m just flooded by this summer feel and it seems like I`m the happiest person this moment. I re-live these moments once again.
I can`t stand the summer heat, I hate when my hair gets weird and my cheeks go even redder than I can imagine, but there`s definitely some things that I adore about this season. I love the feeling that the days are never ending, that you always still got time for that extra bit, a little walk or another episode of a newly started series (hahaa, guess what`s my choice). I love the evenings spent on the terrace, snuggled in a warm sweater with a best friend nearby even tho mosquitos aren`t the nicest company. I love the little picnics, that are thrown spontaneously with store bought snacks and still a bit of effort of taking a cute pillow with you. I love the cold breeze that finally fills your bedroom when the sun goes down, cuz until that it feels like a damn sauna. I just love the smell of freshly cut grass and the summer storms while I`m cosy in my room with a vanilla scented candle lit. Everything in summer has its feel, the vibe, the moments, the memories.
But I hate that time flies so quick or maybe, I should say, I hate myself for not finding the time to do all the bits I`ve wanted this summer. Again. As always. But I guess I still got time, huh?
It`s just something special about this season, yet, there`s something about every single one I guess. So it`s fair enough to embrace a little bit of sunburn (if you`re lucky, I must say, cuz some of us are still pale as heck), a few mosquito bites and those brand new white Converse that were soaking wet - there`s much more than that to summer and there`s plenty of joy that it brings.
LAGOM // Not too little, not too much

The Outfit
I`m so happy to show you this amazing dress. Like really, I love it. I saw it almost a year ago, but it was the end of the summer so I just didn`t go for it and later on, when I spotted this beauty in the winter sales I just had to get it, so you can see how much I`ve waited to wear it - someone give me a prize for that patience, hahaa.  It`s from Pull & Bear and I even think you can still find it, so definitely have a look.
And I love how a simple piece like this necklace can make such a difference. This one is from H&M Love love love.


  1. Love how you accessorized the dress! And that location is stunning as well!

  2. These pictures are beautiful <3 I have to admit I'm not really a summer person, I much prefer autumn, but one thing I do love about summer is being able to sit outside in my garden on a warm but breezy evening and still see a blue sky until almost 9pm <3 xxx

    1. Thank you so sooo much! 💛 And I definitely agree, autum is probably my fave season, but there for sure are things that make me love summer!


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