24 June 2017

Woooah... it`s been a while since I wrote for the last time and I must admit it`s weird to start a post now. Like, to be honest, I even don`t know what I`m about to say, what I want to say. I guess it`s kind of an explanation about not writing, or maybe not. Maybe it`s just a round-up of things that have happened recently, hmmm or just a ramble because I really really missed blogging...! So I made myself a nice cup of tea, turned one some music and let`s get started!

Sooo... the past few weeks (or maybe a month I guess, considering how fast the time is flying someway) for me were a bit cray, sooo busy and fairly overwhelming. I`m literally stuck in a neverending circle of writing and ticking off things in my to do list. And end even knowing how much I like my notebook being filled up it`s quite hard not to get lost between all this. And now, when a lot of things have settled down a bit we can sum up everything and take a look at what has happened.

First of all - exams. All students will relate - those last few weeks of a semester are freakin` hard! And I`m glad it`s over and I can take a break from that for now. But I must admit, it`s kinda unusual not having anything to study now, hahaa.

New job
Just let me say that out loud one more time - I got a new job!!! And even tho that`s not something incredibly special, nothing interesting and not what I would dream about, I`m excited to get at least some experience and put myself into a new environment, which I think always helps you improve at least a bit. That`s like my kind of putting myself out of that damn comfort zone thing.

Decorating my room
Wooohooo! Here`s a thing I`m REALLY excited about - my room makeover is almost finished and I love it! Seriously, everything turned out better than I could ever imagine and that makes me soooo happy! Already snappin for a cheeky room tour post, but I want to be sure that everything is in its place so I`m giving myself a bit more time.

Getting into reading
Now, since I`ve kinda got more time I really want to get into reading more. I was never a book person, but I admire them for sure, so let`s try. And also, I had this one book that I`ve bought two or three years ago and I really wanted to read it so I had a perfect one to start with. I`m only a few chapters in, but I`m really enjoying it so far.

Also, I had looooads of different thoughts on my mind recently. A lot of thinking, considering, debating with my own mind. Yup.... contemplating 24/7. And even tho I can`t (or maybe don`t really want) to put out these things here for you, I`m saying this just to tell how I feel. (Hope that this makes some sense) Everyone gets those fazes when you just need to think, need to look at your life from various perspectives, yeah? And to be honest, I think I hadn`t found a single firm answer to those questions I`m asking myself yet. I`m not sure about the decisions I`m making, I`m afraid of the things that are happening, and the ones that are yet to come scare me as much, but at the same time I`m excited to let some change happen, because as always - everything happens for a reason, so I`m getting all my courage together and hoping for the best! Fingers crossed!


  1. Enjoy no exams and congratulations on your new job! I hope your thoughts all come together soon and you start to feel less frazzled xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely ♥️
      Have a lovely day! xx

  2. I just came across your blog and I really enjoy reading it!! It's surprisingly calming..if that makes sense? Haha. Anyways, I wish you luck in your new job and I hope the things/decisions you're worried about work out for the best.

    -Brenda (:

    (Also I had to delete my comment prior because I accidentally mushed two comments into one-whoops hehe.)

    1. Aah.. thank you so so much, darling! That means the world to me!
      Thank you for your sweet words! xx


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