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5 December 2016

I always like to try some new bits when it comes to makeup, skincare of anything beauty related. I don`t know, maybe I just get bored of the same products quite quickly, maybe I`m easy to impress or perhaps I`m just always looking for something even better than I had before. But today I want to share with you two products that I have recently discovered and used quite a lot since.

Rasa face cleansing foam  (~5€)
To be honest, I haven`t used any cleanser for a good while now. And the main reason is that almost every single one I`ve tried irritated my skin so so much. And that`s why I love this one - it`s perfect for sensitive skin, very light and nourishing. Of course, I couldn`t say that it does some kind of miracles to the skin, but it`s just a gentle daily cleanser to wash your skin and that`s great for me. You can also use it to remove your makeup, but I wouldn`t recommend it for the eyes. On the whole - a great cleanser to wash up your face, very good for sensitive skin.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask  (~12-18€)
Really been loving this one! For me, it`s just like something in between a nice night cream and a mask I should say. I put it on in the evening, a little while before going to bed (just to let it soak in a bit) and in the morning my skin feels really moisturised and soft. It`s just the perfect option for those days when you really need something to pamper yourself or you just feel that the cold weather definitely isn`t good for your skin but you just don`t have time for a proper face mask. The smell is also great, but it`s not a very strong one, I would call it quite settle and light and that`s perfect for a moisturiser as far some really strong scents may sometimes annoy especially if you`re going to sleep with the mask. And oooh, don`t be afraid of that title "sleeping mask" if haven`t tried something like this yet. The mask soaks in like cream (as far as I put a quite generous layer i takes about 10 minutes) and you end up like just putting on a very nicely moisturising cream.

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