1 March 2018

You know that type of feeling when you`re constantly thinking: "Is this actually real?" When the warmth and happiness just keep expanding and fulfils you from head to toes. I`m definitely describing something I`ve felt recently.
So it started as simple as a text from my friend: "Laura, I`ve found cheap tickets to Lisbon. Let`s go there." And if you know me, normally I would deeply consider and take some time for a decision like that but at that moment something in me just went "Go. For sure." So we bought the tickets, booked an Airbnb and went all into planning so that month and a half until our trip went by quite fast. And every now and then I was asking myself is this really happening? And (even after secretly pinching myself) I knew, we`re going on that trip. And I assume some of you don`t see why this is such a big deal, right? So I can tell you, it`s very simple: at the age of (almost) 20 I`ve barely travelled (don`t think that a few trips when I was under 10 yo count) except last years trip to Denmark and also I never traveled without my parents especially so far away so this was an incredibly exciting thing for me.

I`m not sure I can tell enough about the trip itself and I`ll show more than I will tell (you`ll see the photos in a bit so be prepared - there`s a lot). But what I can say is that I believe that those 3 nights we spent in Lisbon was not enough. That city is such a beautiful place on Earth, I could literally wander those cobbled streets for at least a week continuing to say wooow on every corner. I could take another hundred pics of the colourfull houses and beautiful tiles and just sit in a cafe eating Pastel de Natas and the worlds best mangoes. So if talking about Lisbon - I`d say give yourself at least a few days just to chill there, to walk around and explore.

Another thing that made me promise to come back - Sintra. This is an amazing place not so far away from Lisbon it is sooo so worth visiting! This is a beautiful town with loads of palaces that you`ve probably seen on Pinterest and wondered if they really exist and I can assure you - they look just as even better than in the pictures.
And in this place, I have some advice for you.
First of all - think of two (or three, but I`d definitely recommend not to go overboard) places you want to visit in Sintra. And yes I know, it`s waaaay too hard to pick them but rushing from one place to another all day won`t give you that much joy.
Also please, Don't Think You Can Walk To The Castles. You can`t, okay. I don`t doubt your physical condition but it`s way further than you think and those hill roads aren`t the challenge you want to give yourself. Sintra has good transportation so getting to those dreamy castles won`t be a problem.

We also went to the beach. Of course. If you don`t know - the beach and the ocean is my happy place. Really, I can`t imagine where I could feel better and more alive. And we couldn`t miss the opportunity to see THE big blue ocean. Can we just stop for a sec., imagine the sound of the waves, sand under your feet and the light breeze. See how tiny we are standing by this majestic creation of nature. Standing peacefully and feeling like the happiest living creature on earth. If only for that one second.

And now, when I`m home again, standing by the window, looking at the sun shining down onto piles of snow I still feel that warmth, that happy feeling in me and I`m beyond grateful for it. I`ll be forever grateful that my friend encouraged me and took us to this adventure. I`ll never forget this time we had, the people that we met and the joy it gave me. Now, not even a week from getting back I still have that light in my eyes and sunshine in me. And the thing that I`m most grateful for is that spark it gave me, for the will to go and explore. To feel and to live.


  1. everything looks, sounds and feel so cool and magical!!
    now, after reading this post, i kinda really want to go there too 💕🌹

    1. And I promise it really is sooo so amazing! Definitely go there someday 💛💛

  2. Your photos make me want to go to Portugal!


    1. And it`s sooo worth it! I hope you`ll go there someday.


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