1 August 2017

Ohh, gosh, look where I`ve come from trying to be super consistent with blogging... ugh, I think it`s just what it is, we`ll just have to put up with that. And I really can`t say why this happens, but mostly perhaps cuz I`m just caught in such a circle of never ending things that I legit just don`t have anything interesting to write about. But still, I really want to ramble a bit, share some thoughts and of course some snaps (because I`m literally snapping whenever I get the chance to, lol).

I had the idea of doing posts like this for a long time, mainly because I really love reading them, but I somewhy I put it off for so long because I`m afraid that I`ll not always have a lot to say, but you know, the quantity is not the thing that matters, right?
So I just want to (kinda) start writing posts about things that make smile at the moment, bits that I`m enjoying and bobs that I`m grateful for, you know, just talking about a few lovely things that make me happy ATM.

*The berry season. Because I`m obsessed with all the blueberries and raspberries and any summer fruit in general so being able just to walk into the garden and pick up a nice bowl of berries feels so pleasing for me.

*Keeping my plants alive and even thriving I may dare to say. And honestly, I never thought that plants could add so much to a living space, but the atmosphere that they create is amazing!

*Watching Grey`s Anatomy. Okay, here`s another massive obsession. I`m incredibly picky when it comes to series, I literally spend hours watching trailers, then trying to get into the actual series but most of the time I can't get to the second or third episode, so I`m soooo happy I started this one because so far, I love it!

*The summer evening feel. It`s really hard to explain, but there`s definitely something about those evenings in summer. Now, I go home at about 8 pm every day and I just love how warm, but pleasantly breezy it is, I love that it`s still so bright and I adore the golden hour of sun filling the empty(ish) streets.

*Of course, finishing my room but at the same time starting the interior journey. I love all things interior related and now I feel seriously obsessed with all the home bits, so a huge amount of my spare time is spent on Pinterest just lusting for all these amazing spaces. Have a peek of my Interior finds if you want to.

*Taking a breath from the decisions that I was making for a few months now. And it`s kind of an interesting feel - definitely a relief, that it`s all done, a bit of fear and doubt, but a whole load of excitement at the same time.

There`s definitely much more random things I could ramble about, but here`s all that comes up to my mind now.
How`s your week going? What are your happy bits ATM?


  1. Love all the images, but my fav is the one that the dog eats fruit! Looks pretty cool...

    1. Thank you so much! Hahaa, she really loves them!

  2. I love your plant collection, those pots are so beautiful! I need to make some more room for a few new plants. Going out adventuring has made me happy recently, especially seeing all the beautiful wildflowers in bloom at the moment. Lovely photos :) x

    Kayleigh |

    1. Aaah, thank you for the lovely comment, darling ♥️ Thanks, I'm realy loving all my plant fellas! I'm so happy for you! I just never find time to go for a little wander these days... uuugh, I definitely should do that!
      Have a nice week! xx

  3. Tokio tipo įrašai yra be galo asmeniški ir mieli širdžiai - tokių lauksiu dar! Beje, nuotraukos yra kažkas neapsakomai nuostabaus - wow, be žodžių... Thumbs up!!! :)

    1. Ačiū, Paulina! Labai smagu girdėti, nes nors man pačiai tokie įrašai be galo patinka, juos skelbti kartais gali būti ir nedrąsu. Dėkui labai labai!

  4. Your dogs are the cutest in those pics! I think you should write more of these posts because while reading I could feel how much joy it gave you to write it! L

    And I'm with you on the keeping plants alive thing. Seeing them flourish knowing I took care of them gives me so much pride. They're like my own offspring at this point ❤

    - Maia

    1. Thank you, darling!!! ♥️ I definitey want to get more into writing these posts, mostly because I enjoy writing them and I think they may be interesting to look back to.
      And yeeees! I'm so proud about my little babies feeling great and bringing that jungle vibe to my room 🌿


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