22 October 2017

Can someone explain how literally two months of autumn are already gone...? How does it always happen? How this amazing season is slowly going towards the end? You know, lately time flies way faster then I would like and I just can`t cope with that but I guess it`s just how it goes...
So I thought now, while we`re still in that autumny mood, it`s the perfect time to share some bits and bobs that I`m loving, some seasonal faves and just things that make me smile. 

First of all - this AMAZING (so damn freakin cute!) ZARA jumper with colourful pompoms. And yes - I`m completely obsessed. Long story short - I saw it more than a few months ago and I dreamed of it since but for a long time it wasn`t available at the stores here and when it arrived I literally ran and picked up one, hahaa, yeaah, now you understand that I really wanted it!! And so I`m incredibly happy to see the falling temperature cuz that means that I`ll be able to wear it! It`s sooo so comfy and cosy and warm and just fun to have in your wardrobe.  Love love love!!

Tea. The Teahouse Exclusives in particular, because oooh my gosh - they`re tea is amazing. First of all - the packaging, starting with the amazingly cute boxes and ending with those luxury teabags filled with perfect little leafs in every single one and of course with all the delish flavours. My faves are the Relax tea (with rooibos and oranges I think) and the Oriental apple one - oooh gosh they`re good...! Oh Oh! And a new fave mug! What can be better than some nice tea from a gorgeous mug?

Autumnal nails. I`m definitely that person who opts for kinda seasonal nail colours so while feeling all the fall vibes I just had to pick up a few nail colours and I`ve chosen these two from H&M (btw - I really love their nail polishes, they aren`t something suuuuper good quality, but for me they stay a tiny bit longer than other ones and they`re quite easy to apply and of course - the variety of colors is honestly the biggest I`ve seen). And as you see, these are literally autumn in a nail polish, especially my fave - the sparkly one, cuz ya know, who doesn`t want a bit of shimmer in their life, haha.

And I just had to mention these beaut earrings from H&M - I`m obsessed! I wanted something like that for a really long time so these were a jackpot to me! I can`t stop wearing them and they`re now my go-to autumn accessory

My new print! I`m really in love with this piece of art, in addition to my little print collection. This little one is from IKEA and I couldn`t be happier about finding it there.

This one may be not usual, but please tell me it`s okay to have a fave plant, lol... Cuz I really do (actually writing this I have at least five more in mind that I could call my faves but I just really wanted to show this one, cuz it`s just soooo so cute!) And btw - my plant growing journey is pretty amazing - every single one is alive and feels perfect (and yes, I`m sooo damn proud because of that!)

And a few more things and thoughts 

I`m really loving these chilly mornings, I honestly do. Yes, I complain a few minutes when I have to get out of my cosy warm bed in the mornings, I grumble when I step out outside and I feel absolutely not prepared but those misty sunrises, that little bit of cold wakes me up, leads to a slow and calm start of the day. It creates some kind of magic, some kind of beauty within those frosted leafs and tiny frozen raindrops on the golden leaf covered branches.
Just trying to see good and beautiful things - and believe me, when you try, you really can find the magic in everything!


  1. That sweater look so cozy! I can't believe how quickly time has passed by lately either, I don't want Autumn to end. Autumn nail polish colors are one of my favorite kinds, the darker moody colors are lovely xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days | Bloglovin’

    1. Thank you for this sweet comment!
      The sweater is definitely the coziest thing! And I really don’t want autumn to go... it’s such a beautiful time 🍂
      Have a great week!


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