17 October 2017

Well hello! I`m back here with a little life update, with a few things I want to tell and keep to remember. A few things that made me smile throughout these miserable, tho honestly loved fall days.
And I literally can`t do a big introduction - I`m just too excited that I`m throwing it straight in - I decorated my very first wedding dessert table and believe me, it was kinda a dream of mine, a thing on the bucket list, a thing that seemed to happen waaaaay later than now. And I`m so sooo happy of how it turned out, I`m just happy I did this in general. All the stress, the hustle, the running round in all the preparation and then the thrill of the big day, the excitement and the smile that stayed on my face all day long.... boy, I really loved it!
And you know, in moments like this I realise how much of a passion I have, how much I enjoy the things I do, how happy they can make me. And of course, how lucky I of being able to do that.
So basically that`s the highlight of the past few weeks, the thing that kept me going, kept me inspired and excited every single day.

I`m still enjoying autumn, even tho it`s waaay cooler over here now and rains much much more than I would like. Still, all the golden/red leafs throw a smile on my face every single morning while driving through the forest. And why not to use that beauty for a little cheeky snap, right? lol.

I also have a lot of little bits I love (which may turn out into a faves post, hehee..), and I`m really pleased with the waves of inspiration, with the willing to create, to take photos, to write and just do things in general, so I`m holding strong to it and seeing where it will take me.

I guess it`s all for now and of course, how could I not show you a few snaps from the wedding... xx


  1. Wow, it turned out beautiful! The details are all so pretty, I love the fairy lights as an extra touch! This must have been so fun to do, it looks lovely xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Aaah.. thank you soo so much darling! It really was so much fun to do...!

  2. As always, your passion transpires to your writing! I'm so so happy for you, for being able to do something that was on your bucket list, execute it so well and enjoy it!

    I hope many more occasions like this come your way, girl!

    And I'll be waiting for that favs post 😋

    - Maia

    1. Thank you, Maia!!! You know how to make my day with some perfectly nice words!
      And I’m sooo so grateful for your support, girl 💛 xx


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