Just a list of some amazing blogs (and note to self, cuz I always forget the names of them) – a blog about technology, photography and interesting interviews which is open for readers since 2013. New posts, music recommendations, and giveaways every week. Subscribe and find what’s interesting for you!


A lovely place where I share my obsession for fashion, beauty, photography, travelling and many other things! ❤️


If you‘re interested in creativity, art, music, photography, traveling, and interviews with interesting people, is just for you. Inspiration, honesty, and articles on important topics. New posts every week!


Fashiondou - a blog about personal thoughts, experiences, routine, books, movies and fashion. You can say that it is almost about everything and you won't be wrong. So if you want to relax, read some stories and make yourself a cosy evening - come and visit!

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